The Art of Façades / Arta fațadelor


For us, the art of façades consists in the ability to transpose the aesthetic vision of the architect, finding a perfect balance between safety, technical requirements and elements of uniqueness. We do it every day, anticipating the challenges, but also reacting quickly and efficiently towards the realities on the ground.

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Alu Glass Technik brings you an independent team of professionals with relevant experience in the field and the necessary competences to coordinate projects regardless of their stage.

Our goal is to offer our clients technical support and design services for the creation of the most viable façade elements. We believe this is achievable when the solutions chosen for the building envelope are an integral part of a process that simultaneously satisfies the architectural demands and the technical possibilities of the execution.

For us, the façade of a building represents the interface between the external environment and the end users of the interior space. It must simultaneously fulfil high performance of strength and stability, safety in exploitation, fire safety, thermal and water insulation, energy saving, acoustic protection and similar factors. At the same time, architecturally, the façade elements act as a buffer between exterior and interior.

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