The Art of Façades / Arta fațadelor


Each façade tells a story. But each façade also has a story of its own, an unknown one from behind the scenes. A story about understanding the architect’s vision, about carefully made choices, about analyses, many hours of design and field work. A story about responsibility, about a continuous process of learning and discovery of new materials, about more efficient, better and safer choices. But it is also a story about passion. Because passion is what drives us every day in this niche design area, in which so few are specialised.

All our stories are shaped by design teams coordinated by the two founders of the company, Florina and Mihai.

Florina Cimpoca

General Manager

We started in 2008, we designed over 250,000 sqm in over 53,000 design hours for projects in Romania, Germany and the United Kingdom. I haven’t even realised how fast these 12 years have passed.

The story of the façades tells also about our pride in always making things better, in anticipating the needs and setting new standards. Safety is not an option. In our line of work, you cannot afford to say that you were wrong and that you will do better next time. The safety of buildings and people depends on our design work. Thus, it will always be one of the pillars of our work and mindset.

Mihai Preda

Executive Manager

In 2008, we started Alu Glass Technik out of the desire to make the façade design differently, better. In the midst of an economic crisis, we were two engineers driven by a passion for a little-known niche in our country. Every façade we designed also tells our story, the story of two darers in façade engineering in Romania. It was a difficult journey with many adventures because no college course prepares you for what we do. You have to constantly learn, research, have passion, and understand how much responsibility and commitment our daily work entails.

We chose façade engineering in 2008 and so far we have designed over 250,00 sqm over more than 35,000 design hours for projects in Romania, Germany and the UK. I don’t know when these years have passed.

Our first project was AFI Palace Cotroceni.