The Art of Façades / Arta fațadelor


Since 2008 we offer a complete package of planning, designing, consulting, and support services in building envelope for architects, builders and construction companies. We designed and supervised all types of projects (such as curtain walls, ventilated façades, skylights) with varying degrees of difficulty in Romania, Germany and the UK.

In addition to design elements, we pay special attention to safety. We are certain you have already admired some of our projects So far, we have designed over 254,000 square meters for over 160 projects of our 128 clients.

You can find our imprint in edifices such as AFI Cotroceni, Hotel Mercure, Barbu Văcărescu Office, Synevo, Metropol Park Berlin, Tolworth Tower (UK), and other projects about which you can find out more in our  Portofolio

Behind the stories there is a lot of precision, technical knowledge and attention to details. Our company offers complete solutions for façade engineering and project coordination, in all their stages.

  1. Architectural solutions
  2. Proposing and providing technical solutions for all façade elements (modulation, static calculation, profile systems, recommendation regarding the type of glass/cladding)
  3. Static calculation of façade elements (mullions, transoms, glass/ cladding materials)
  4. Elevations, sections, details for  all façade elements
  5. Estimating/ phasing of technological works
  6. Technical-economic analysis for various materials
  7. Heat transfer calculations
  8. Tender documentation
  9. Technical designs and work plan details (PT+DE):
    1. written parts
      • calculation notes, MLPAT verified, for all façade elements (supporting structures, spiders, glass fixing systems, etc.)
      • technical report
      • bills of quantities, including technical descriptions
      • establishing the main phases
    2. drawing parts
      • elevations for all façade elements
      • general or partial sections
      • work plan details (connecting all façade elements to the building structure)
  10. Mapping (topographic surveys, stakeout, processing data)
  11. Execution project
  12. Shop drawings
  13. Technical support and on-site control